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Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Machinery, equipment and other personal property are tangible assets that will affect a company’s value. Our personal property specialists can value standard or special-purpose equipment on any of various premises and produce opinions of both current and residual value. In addition to valuations, we can supply opinions of useful life or economic life for assets in lease transactions. 


Cost Segregation Services

A Cost Segregation Study is an engineer-based study of all of the individual assets purchased in a commercial real estate transaction. This allows the taxpayer to use an accelerated depreciation schedule resulting in higher tax deductions in the early years of the purchase of a property — keeping more dollars in the business. 


Research & Development Tax Credits

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit remains one of the best opportunities for businesses to substantially reduce their tax liability. For what amounts to their daily activities, companies from a wide-range of industries can qualify for federal and state tax savings high enough to allow companies to hire new employees, invest in new products and service lines, and grow their operations. 


Section 179D commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deduction

Section 179D commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deduction  encourages companies to “go green” to save money on their utility bills and tax returns. Commercial building owners can take up to $1.80 per square foot deduction if they install property that results in energy and power cost reductions. These installations must be part of the building’s heating, ventilation, cooling, hot water systems, interior lighting systems, or building envelope.  


Commercial Real Property Valuation

We understand the challenges of acquiring, operating, maintaining, leasing and selling commercial real estate. Real estate service providers have a leading role at every point in this process. Our team rises above all others, ensuring maximum building values and best in class workplaces for tenants from acquisition through disposition. 


Business Valuation

Increasingly strict regulations now require companies to perform thorough and objective valuation analyses for a variety of financial and tax reporting purposes. Valuation and Business Analytics professionals draw on a unique depth of experience across client sizes and industries. Backed by a vast array of both national and international resources, we’re able to scale and tailor our services to fit the unique needs of each individual client. 

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